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Proud Outagamie County Democrats What is a Democrat?

Democrats believe that we're greater together than we are on our own - that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, when everyone plays by the same rules.

Equality >>> Democrats believe all people should be able to pursue their goals in spite of their religion, race, ethnic backgound or sexual orientation. In the sixties Democrats fought for civil rights, but the battle is not yet over.

Support Health Care >>> Health care is an essential part of life and well-being. Democrats have pursued for nearly a century making health care available to all Americans. Despite unanimous opposition from Republicans, Democrats were finally able to pass comprehensive health reform into law.

Education >>> Democrats realize that all Americans should have the opportunity to pursue an education regardless of the economic situation they are born into.

Fair Taxes >>> Taxes should not be used to increase the gap between the very wealthy and the very poor in the United States. Giving tax breaks to the rich while unloading the weight onto the shoulders of the poor, is wrong.

Freedom of Speech >>> The right for people to express their beliefs and advocate their ideas is paramount in democracy. Though as unique people, we will find some ideas repugnant, but the First Amendment is vital to the exchange of ideas and should never be violated.

Right to Choose >>> A Woman’s Right to Choose is fundamental to equality between the sexes. No one or no government agency should Interfere with reproductive rights.

Fight for American Workers >>> The government must protect the rights of workers from exploitation. This includes making sure that employees receive a living wage, work in a safe environment, and have an active role in the corporation.

Clean Environment >>> The environment must be protected from those who will exploit it for their own means. We are part of this ecosystem. Its destruction is our destruction.

We are with you every step of the way >>> All cultures are inherently equal and unique. People should be able to practice their traditions and feel pride in their background. Each culture, in turn, adds diversity to America.

You're not really Pro-Life if it has a nine-month expiration date.
We are Pro-Life for the Full Life.
Blog, I Wish You Really Were Pro-Life by Pastor and Writer John Pavlovitz.

(Thanks to Scott Wittkopf)

A. "With great freedom comes great responsibility.” Being free isn’t just about being able to do whatever you want! It means you have a moral responsibility to ensure that others have the same freedoms you enjoy.

B. "Democracy succeeds when caring citizens act with empathy, not just on their own self-interest." This statement evokes the importance of civil engagement, community and responsible government of, by, and for the people.

C. "Our private life and prosperity depends on The Public (government)." The things we do together through The Public make freedom and prosperity possible (public education, scientific research, police and fire protection, sewers, roads, bridges, other infrastructure, court system, etc.) The list goes on and on…and these are all things that would be impossible to do on our own!

D. "The Public and our elected officials have a moral responsibility to protect AND empower the people they serve." This evokes the moral foundation for the mission of public servants/institutions and the concept of “responsible government.”

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Some Viewpoint Resources

Wealth Inequality in America Video This is a MUST-SEE video.

Dr. Steve Kagen: Health care consumers must be treated equally Post-Crescent 08/05/13

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