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Government in our nation is based on elections, where citizens elect government representatives. Our system depends on the participation of its eligible voters to be informed and to vote.

Candidates run for public office for a variety of reasons, which may include public service, political philosophy, or self-serving interests.

Some elected positions are considered to be non-partisan, although most voters consider the partisan views of the candidates.

Although there are many political parties it is difficult to win a majority of votes when a contest involves more than two parties. Therefore most voters align with either the Democratic or the Republican parties.

Most people pay attention to the "big contests", but it is important to follow all elected races.

We count on our elected officials to learn and understand the issues they vote on, and it is just as important that voters learn about the candidates and make wise choices on Election Day.

Support and Elect strong Democrats to work for us!

"Freedom must be won with every election by every generation"

Don't stop at the top, vote the full ticket for Democrats!

Please see the Voter Resources on our Resources page, including the PHOTO ID REQUIREMENT.

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