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We have an exhibit booth each year at the Outagamie County Fair in Seymour.

Our booth in 2015 was organized by Dale Schaber with the help of his wife, Penny Pernard Schaber. Thank you.

Sharon, Karen and Jill joined us on Thursday morning. They had fun taking with fairgoers about democratic values.

Dottie and Representative Amanda Stuck at our booth on Friday evening.

Don and Marilyn enjoyed visiting with people as they stopped and discussed what's happening at the state and federal government.

Ann and Connie ready to meet fairgoers at the Outagamie County Democrat Booth.

Alan and Diana discussing with a fairgoer issues supported by the Outagamie County Democratic Party.

Dottie, our Chairperson, and Mark, our Treasurer, joined us at the booth.

Ann and Deb just before the Commercial Exhibits Building opened on July 22, 2015.

Cindy and Dottie ready to meet and greet fairgoers at the Outagamie County Democratic Party booth.

Thank you to our many volunteers and to the public who stopped by our booth.

 Paid for by The Outagamie County Democratic Party (DPOC) – Abbey Rhodes, Treasurer. 
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