Outagamie County Democrats, website for the Democratic Party of Outagamie County.  Click for site map.
Outagamie County Democrats showing the location of Outagamie County. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin strives to build an open, just, and strong society where all citizens have equal opportunities to live meaningful, secure lives. We work actively for open, honest, and responsive government that is accountable to the needs and the will of the people.

The County Party ... promotes the interests of the Democratic Party in the county.
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It is the responsibility of the County Party to develop Party membership in the county; to hold regularly scheduled meetings; to encourage Democratic candidates for county and legislative offices; to form and maintain an effective campaign organization; to make recommendations for a Party platform; and, generally, to promote the interests of the Democratic Party in the county.

Monthly meetings are held at 7:00pm the second Monday of the month at Copper Rock Coffee - Downtown Appleton. Guests are welcome.

Read the Constitution and Bylaws of the Democratic Party of Outagamie County.

Visit the Democratic Party of Wisconsin website to read the DPW Constitution, Bylaws, Platform and Resolutions.

We have two fundraisers each year, both with good food and exciting political talks. In May we have the Bettin' On Blue dinner and August we have a Corn Roast. We participate in parades. During election season we're supporting our candidates. You can also find us at the County Fair in Seymour in July and participating Labor Day celebrations.

We have a tee shirt for our County Democratic Party.

Read What is a Democrat? to learn more about the Democratic Party.

Democrats support families and workers.  Freedom must be won with every election by every generation.

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